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How to request services from Specialisterne

In the next section below you will find four options:

  • Training and workshops

    • This will allow you to see the available neurodiversity training and workshops. All of the sessions can be tailored to suit the audience. ​

  • Neurodiversity coaching

    • This will direct you to a page where you can complete the coaching request. We aim to respond to all new coaching requests within 48 business hours.​ We usually meet with the people involved in the coaching sessions prior to commencement to determine the ideal set of supports.

  • New starter supports

    • We have designed two support packages that can be delivered to any new employee joining your business that has disclosed a neurodiverse condition to you​.

  • Employer education hub

    • This is a paid employer partners area. If you wish to request access, please complete this form

Build and Sustain

8 step process to enable your organisation to build and sustain a neurodiverse workforce.

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