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Neurodiversity Coaching 

Ongoing Business Enablement & Support (OBES) - delivered for periods of three months and ongoing as necessary.


1:1 mentoring and coaching to either the manager, employ or both. Sessions are delivered by an experienced neurodiversity coach from Specialisterne. 


The structure and frequency of sessions is to be determined. Typically we see support is required across -

  • Identification, and understanding to provide strategies to address social, communication and executive functioning challenges experienced in the workplace

  • We provide strategies to ensure a successful integration in the workplace

  • We identify support needs and accommodation requirements for the employee to thrive in the workplace (both at home and in the workplace).

Neurodiversity Assistance Coaching (NAC)

Specialisterne’s Neurodiversity Assistance Coaching (NAC) is designed to support neurodivergent people in the workplace.


Supporting those who have come through a hiring program with Specialisterne or employed directly into the organisation. Assistance is open to both neurodivergent people, managers, team leaders and buddies, in the workplace who work with and support neurodivergent colleagues.

Allowing people and teams to get the support they want, when they need it. Specialisterne’s neurodiversity assistance coaching is designed to support neurodivergent people and managers of neurodivergent people. We focus on enabling people to reach full potential in the workplace.

Accessing the service is made simple through a dedicated web form that notifies your coach of the enquiry. From here they communicate directly with the individual. 


All meetings are securely hosted by video conferencing with a dedicated coach from Specialisterne.


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