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Autism and Agriculture is an initiative of SunPork Farms and Autism CRC which aims to improve animal welfare by creating opportunities in animal care for adults on the autism spectrum.

In collaboration with the Pork CRC and Specialisterne Australia, nine autistic adults in South Australia and seven in Queensland were employed within SunPork Farms during the pilot program.


Mentoring and workplace support will enable candidates to work in the agricultural industry, employing key strengths in animal care to ultimately enhance animal welfare.


Autism and Agriculture acknowledges the funding provided by the South Australian Government to develop the pilot program.

The Autism and Agriculture project caught the attention of Channel 10’s The Project

“The support and enthusiasm of Nick, Brett and Natalie from Specialisterne has been fantastic. I knew nothing about autism or being on the spectrum prior to engaging in this program. To think these talented individuals were being overlooked for positions due to standard selection processes is criminal. I appreciate being educated and made aware…”

Manager Services Australia

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