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We recognise that autistic & neurodivergent people offer a range of skills & talents that can be a benefit to any job.

Neurodiversity Confident Employer
Enhance understanding, challenge misconceptions, and build organisational capacity to create inclusive hiring and management practices.

The Neurodiversity Confident Employer Pack includes:
1 - General Neurodiversity Awareness Training
2 - Autism and ADHD at Work, Training for Managers and Team Leaders
3 - Autism and ADHD at Work, Workshop for HR, DEI, People and Culture
4 - You Can Ask That
5 - Designing Neurodiverse Inclusive Recruitment Processes

Did you know?

Autistic employees are 92% more productive and 48% faster than non-autistic employees

(JP Morgan Chase, 2016).


We work with employers to diversify their workforce by hiring skilled neurodivergent individuals

Specialisterne Australia delivers neurodiversity hiring programs. We have designed a non-traditional recruitment strategy that supports neurodivergent candidates to showcase their skills. This alternative method removes barriers for the candidate and enables the employer to see the breadth of their capabilities.


Come as you are

Real People

Real Stories

Real Impact

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