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At Specialisterne Australia we use a unique process to assess potential employees and remove the barriers that disadvantage neurodivergent people from gaining meaningful employment. 

Study Group


For organisations seeking to develop their long-term internal capacity to embed neurodiverse, inclusive work practices and culture across their organisation.


Typically looking at workplace coaching and enablement for current or pre-existing autistic employees and their managers. Solutions from 3 months to 3 years.

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Networking Group


For organisations looking to build workplace readiness. Typically directed toward managers, HR and diversity champions. 

Neurodiversity Confident Employer
Enhance understanding, challenge misconceptions, and build organisational capacity to create inclusive hiring and management practices.

The Neurodiversity Confident Employer Pack includes:
1 - General Neurodiversity Awareness Training
2 - Autism and ADHD at Work, Training for Managers and Team Leaders
3 - Autism and ADHD at Work, Workshop for HR, DEI, People and Culture
4 - You Can Ask That
5 - Designing Neurodiverse Inclusive Recruitment Processes

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