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Are you a neurodivergent jobseeker? To see what roles are currently available, or to register with us, follow the below links. To be notified of roles as they become available, we recommend signing up for our mailing list.

Getting Started With Specialisterne


To get started with us, we highly recommend that neurodivergent candidates register on our Candidate Portal to add their details to our database. In doing so their details are in our system so when roles become available, Specialisterne is able to process their application as quickly as possible. 


Other than under specific circumstances, Specialisterne typically does not contact candidates who have not applied for a role themselves. Candidates are encouraged to watch for job updates. To ensure that candidates are notified of new positions, it is recommended that they sign up for our mailing list and follow our social media accounts.


What is Our Recruitment Process? Six Phases of Recruitment:





















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  1. Talent Acquisition

    To be considered for job opportunities, candidates will apply for suitable roles through the Specialisterne Candidate Portal. Upon expressing interest, candidates are prompted to fill out a form which will be reviewed by Specialisterne staff to confirm eligibility for the role/s.

  2. Pre-Assessment

    Eligible candidates will undergo a ‘Pre-Assessment’ phase where they undergo a short online pre-screening assessment to gauge their suitability for the role. At this stage, some candidates will progress to the next stage, and some will be deemed unsuitable to progress.

  3. Foundations

    Candidates invited to the next phase of the recruitment process will engage with Specialisterne facilitators to develop a Talent Profile, which acts similarly to a resume for the purposes of the recruitment program. This Talent Profile is in a standardised format so that candidates are given equal opportunity to express their skillset.

  4. Development

    This phase involves a workshop where candidates engage in various activities so that facilitators may observe both soft-skills and other qualities which are important to develop for the workplace. Unfortunately, not all candidates are able to move to the next stage, however the experience is often reported to be enjoyable regardless of outcomes.

  5. Client Engagement

    Candidates invited to this stage of the program will engage with the employer through a range of activities and job specific assessments. This is also an opportunity for the employer to describe the role in detail and answer any questions candidates may have. Candidates will take part in a “Day in the Life”, also known as an accessible and supportive job trial, where candidates are able to gain a better understanding of the work environment, team and typical duties.

  6. Onboarding

    Once the employer has selected the successful candidate, they will undergo the employer onboarding process (which varies between organisations). Specialisterne will support the candidate through this process and support them to finish their Employee Success Plan before commencement. Specialisterne will provide ongoing support for candidates for a selected period of time following commencement of employment.

How does Specialisterne remove barriers to employment for autistic individuals?

How does Specialisterne remove barriers to employment for autistic individuals?

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When we work with our client partners to develop alternative recruitment programs, our team works closely with hiring managers to understand what types of skills and aptitudes candidates will require to be considered for the available roles.

We take this information and create job advertisements that are written in language that is easy to understand and gives autistic and neurodivergent job seekers a clear understanding of what the job is, what skills and experience are required, and what the recruitment process involves.


We work with our client partners to offer recruitment opportunities in many areas of employment, including the full range of IT roles, through to project management, administration, and other professional services.

One of Specialisterne’s key functions is to build alternative recruitment pathways through a workshop and assessment approach in conjunction with our client partners so that they can work with and understand autistic and neurodiverse talent prior to hiring.

We know that many autistic and neurodiverse job seekers are disadvantaged when competing for employment due to the way in which typical recruitment practices are offered in mainstream employment.

We work closely with our client partners to thoroughly understand their business, their people, and culture, and importantly, to understand the roles we are helping them to fill. We take this detailed understanding of the employer and associated roles, and develop practical, skills-based assessments that allow candidates the opportunity to show employers what they can do, removing barriers that exist in traditional recruitment.

At Specialisterne we believe that candidates should ultimately determine which role is right for them. Throughout our alternative recruitment process we strive to give a clear understanding of the role to candidates so they can make career choices based upon a thorough knowledge of the employer, the team, and the role.

We are not just a recruiter, but also work with our client partners to build a foundation of understanding of autism and neurodiversity. Throughout the recruitment process we work closely with hiring managers, team leaders and buddies so that when their new autistic employees commence employment, they are confident in supporting and developing them.

Specialisterne directly supports our client partners well beyond commencement of employment. 



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