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How Specialisterne Australia has Transformed Our Workplace: A Testimonial from EY, Our Employer Partner

EY recognising the value of autistic talents. We are proud to share the feedback from EY following their recent Neurodiverse Hiring Initiative.

"We were inspired by Specialisterne's transformative work in assisting individuals on the autism spectrum to find employment. Specialisterne applied a unique approach to educate our business on overcoming unconscious biases and removing hurdles present in typical tech consulting recruitment processes.

At the start of 2022, amidst unparalleled global changes, we recognised an urgent need to further diversify our workforce for two crucial reasons:

1. To provide our clients with a broader range of insights, experiences and innovative solutions.

2. To create opportunities within the technology sector for those who previously may not have had the chance.

Collaborating with Specialisterne has been instrumental in helping EY meet these objectives and foster a more inclusive workplace."


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