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“Before doing this program, I was reeling from a job that left me feeling broken and self-critical, feeling like I wasn’t deserving or good enough to find work, especially work which was stable and accommodating.”


Specialisterne’s NSW PSC Tailored Talent program not only got me ready to return to a working mindset and brushed up my professional skills but let me come out of my shell and blossom as an individual. 

Nobody wanted to hear about or accommodate autism

I didn’t even realise how much I was holding myself back until I wowed my now employers with a 20 minute presentation on an entirely new topic to me. It was the first time that I was openly honest about my autism to an employer prior to being hired.  I was always told it was something to hide because nobody wanted to hear it or accommodate it.

My skills are now recognised

It was such a relieving and rewarding experience to know my skills are recognised and accepted.

Specialisterne’s program has been successful for me as it gives autistic adults their own self-authority within the workplace which is often what makes or breaks autistic employment.


We work with employers to diversify their workforce by hiring skilled neurodiverse individuals

Specialisterne Australia has designed a non-traditional recruitment strategy that supports neurodiverse candidates to showcase their skills. This alternative method removes barriers for the candidate but enables the employer to see the breadth of their capabilities.

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