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“I’ve struggled with a bit of imposter syndrome in the past, but after the thorough training and assessment program, I really felt I could demonstrate who I am and what I could do. I don’t feel as though I have to try and prove myself, I’m ready to just get in and learn the work.”


When I applied for the Brisbane Federal Talent Hub, I’d only recently received my diagnosis, and reflecting back on my previous work experience I knew it was important that my next job be with a business that could be proactive about integrating employees on the spectrum.

Applying for an awesome opportunity

The Brisbane Federal Talent Hub had several positions available suited to my skill set, provided support to participants during the assessment process and as well as afterwards regardless of the outcome, and ensured that each of the positions available had work environments accommodating of ASD. It was a no-brainer for me to put in an application, it all sounded like an awesome opportunity.

The three words I’d use to describe the program are collaborative, hands-on (I know that one’s kind of cheating), and reassuring. That last one was particularly impressive because the 4-week training and assessment program began right as the COVID-19 pandemic was ramping up and lockdown restrictions came sweeping in overnight.

Camaraderie with the other candidates

But despite the turbulent circumstances, and the program being digitised for the first time with virtually no notice for the organisers, we had daily contact with the program conveners including regular one-on-one checkups, who kept us well-informed of upcoming steps throughout the entire rapidly-changing process. And although the program ran online, I think interactions with other candidates were the most memorable part of the program, along with the camaraderie that arose as a cohort.

After completing all the activities, seminars and preparatory tasks, I felt entirely ready to take on the position I was offered.

My new job

I’m starting work with the Taskforce Integrity and Fraud Investigations branch of Services Australia, as an Operational Intelligence Analyst. I’ll be helping to reverse engineer trends in claim fraud in order to detect and prevent future cases, while engaging with other stakeholders in the fraud investigation process to balance our objectives with their requirements.


I’m looking forward to learning what it’s like to work in an Analyst position in this industry. It’s a bit of a departure from my previous software developer experience, but one that I’m open to. That said, I’m also excited to bring my technical knowledge with me into the team and to be able to share that.

It’s nice going into this new job confident that I’ve shown my employer what I’m capable of and how I interact with others.


We work with employers to diversify their workforce by hiring skilled neurodiverse individuals

Specialisterne Australia has designed a non-traditional recruitment strategy that supports neurodiverse candidates to showcase their skills. This alternative method removes barriers for the candidate but enables the employer to see the breadth of their capabilities.

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