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Confident Employer

How confident is your team? Specialisterne's Neurodiversity Confident Employer Pack contains the necessary, foundational education materials to get your team on track to capitalise on the Neurodivergent Advantage that is sweeping through businesses globally. 

Our education and awareness services enhance understanding, challenge misconceptions, and build organisational capacity to create inclusive hiring and management practices.

Our Confident Employer Pack includes:

  1. General Neurodiversity Awareness Training

  2. Autism and ADHD at Work Training for Managers and Team Leaders

  3. Autism and ADHD at Work, Workshop for HR, DEI, People and Culture

  4. You Can Ask That

  5. Designing Neurodiverse Inclusive Recruitment Processes

You can learn more about each session by scrolling through the below tabs

General Neurodiversity Awareness Training

  • Duration: 90 minutes

  • Audience: open to all

  • Limits: no audience limit

  • This session can be recorded and retained.

Specialisterne Neurodiversity Awareness Training is targeted towards all people in your organisation to cover the following topics:

  1. Understanding neurodiversity in the workplace

  2. Strengths of autistic and neurodivergent employees

  3. Support needs, possible challenges, and common adjustments (tailored to the individuals support needs)

  4. Communication skills and tips for managing neurodivergent employees

  5. Best practice for workplace support structure. 

What does it cost and how do I get started?

The Neurodiversity Confident Employer Pack is being offered by Specialisterne to provide concrete strategies and guidance to enable organisations to leverage the skills and capabilities of a neurodivergent workforce.

Get started today for the low price of $6400 for all 5 sessions. This represents a discount of 37%. Hurry places are limited. Once they're are gone, they're gone. 

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