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Westpac Engineering Hub
Gold Coast

Specialisterne Australia is hosting a workshop for employers and neurodivergent job seekers on the
Gold Coast

Employers are invited to attend a free training session to learn about the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce in your organisation, followed by a chance to observe inclusive recruitment practices and meet local job seekers
Neurodivergent individuals are invited to showcase your skills to employers through a practical activity and to meet employers in your region.


​Gold Coast organisations are invited to attend a Neurodiversity At Work training session:

  • an overview of neurodiversity in the workplace

  • strategies on how tap into the neurodivergent advantage 

  • recruitment and workplace adjustment quick wins 

  • how to support neurodivergent employees to thrive

  • Q&A opportunities. 

This free session will benefit any hiring or line managers, People & Culture, D&I or decision makers within your organisation. Following the training you will be invited to observe neurodivergent candidates showcase their skills and talents via a practical activity.

Why not come and have a coffee with us and learn about the untapped talent pool of the neurodiverse workforce.


Specialisterne is running this workshop to educate employers and enable them actively employ neurodivergent individuals. This is a rare opportunity to showcase your skills and talents to a range of employers using practical activities as a way to break down barriers.


Participants will have the chance to meet local employers and showcase skills in a practical way.


Participants will also have the opportunity to register with Specialisterne to be considered for upcoming job opportunities for neurodivergent individuals.

We are seeking neurodivergent individuals who are looking for employment on the Gold Coast and have a genuine interest in any industry, but particularly Hospitality and Tourism, Government, Finance or IT.

What: The benefits of a neurodiverse workforce

Where: Westpac Engineering Hub

Date: Monday June 5th

Time: 9:00am-12noon

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