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“I found it was a very interesting experience getting to meet others who were in similar positions to me, struggling looking for work, many of whom also went to the same university as me, and interestingly some of whom I even recognised from my own degree courses.”


I highly appreciate the opportunity I have received through Specialisterne, and I am confident that programs like this would be of massive benefit to not only those on the autistic spectrum, but potentially for the future of job interviews and training as a whole.

Michael applied for over 810 roles

After completing a double Bachelor’s degree it took three years before Michael was given an opportunity to secure his first paid job. Since leaving this role it took another 9 months before Michael became employed as a Tactical Intelligence Analyst with Services Australia, through Specialisterne’s Federal Talent Hub Program. Michael estimates that since completing his degree he has applied for over 810 roles.

Using my skills

I was alerted to the Brisbane Federal Talent Hub by my jobseeker advocate at Tursa on the final day of admissions, and after reading through the details of the program, I realised it was exactly the sort of program that might help me find the sort of work I have been looking for for years, which was a role in the public sector that would best use my analytical abilities and experiences volunteering with organisations such as the Queensland Museum.

Successful program despite COVID

With the program itself, it was a shame having to cut short the first week due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, but the response was definitely well measured. While it did take some time to get the concentration to properly work on the assessment at home, ultimately it proved surprisingly successful, particularly with the group work in the second major piece of work and having to find our own means of collaborating together in lieu of person-to-person contact.

My new job

I have been offered employment with Services Australia in a Tactical Intelligence Analyst role and I am looking forward to the stability of having a full time job, and the secure pay to go with it, as well a supportive working environment with colleagues I can get along with as well.

It has been a very positive experience with Specialisterne, and I hope that you can continue to help many more like me, particularly in this time of pandemic we have found ourselves in.


We work with employers to diversify their workforce by hiring skilled neurodiverse individuals

Specialisterne Australia has designed a non-traditional recruitment strategy that supports neurodiverse candidates to showcase their skills. This alternative method removes barriers for the candidate but enables the employer to see the breadth of their capabilities.

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