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The Aurora Program: Transforming Careers through Neurodiversity and Inclusive Hiring

Updated: Dec 1, 2023


This case study explores the success of the Aurora Neurodiversity Program, a recruitment initiative by Services Australia, in partnership with Specialisterne Australia. The program aims to provide meaningful career opportunities for autistic individuals by leveraging their unique skills and fostering an inclusive work environment. By highlighting the program's key features and outcomes, this case study demonstrates how the Aurora Neurodiversity Program is reshaping the narrative around diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Services Australia's commitment to inclusivity led to the establishment of the Aurora Program, which focuses on recruiting and supporting individuals with autism in the workplace. To ensure a tailored selection process, Services Australia partnered with Specialisterne Australia, a dedicated social impact recruiter with expertise in developing neuro-inclusive and supportive hiring processes.

Recruitment Process:

Aurora's selection process stands out for its flexibility and support. Unlike traditional interviews and psychometric tests, the program offers a 2-week practical, patient experience. Participants engage in pre-screening exercises and assessment tasks, including individual and group practical activities aligned with their desired roles. This approach allows candidates to showcase their skills and abilities in a more natural and comfortable setting.

Career Opportunities:

Aurora's impact is evident in its successful recruitment of 48 autistic applicants in 2023. The program matches autistic applicants to a diverse range roles across the organisations, from ICT roles to fraud and compliance, HR, data analysis, and project management. This approach allows for integration and inclusion across all areas of the business, allowing for greater impact and true inclusion of autistic employees. By placing individuals in roles that align with their unique skills and talents, Aurora ensures their professional growth and fulfilment.

Inclusive Work Environment: Aurora operates as an affirmative measure recruitment process, actively working to eliminate employment barriers. By doing so, it creates a more level playing field and offers career opportunities to individuals who may have been overlooked in traditional hiring processes. This commitment to inclusivity fosters a supportive work environment where neurodivergent individuals can thrive.

Specialisterne seeks to empower candidates for workplace success through the provision of extensive, job-ready training sessions that equip them with essential skills and knowledge before commencing employment. Our capacity management training is strategically crafted to deepen understanding of neurodiversity, fostering inclusivity in the workplace by providing participants with the knowledge and skills required to support individuals.

Impact and Future:

The Aurora Neurodiversity Program is not just a recruitment initiative; it is a beacon of change. By recognising and harnessing the strengths of neurodivergent individuals, Aurora is transforming careers and reshaping the narrative around diversity and inclusion in the workplace. As the program enters its 3rd year, it continues to expand its reach, recruiting skilled APS level 4-6 roles in various locations across Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and Canberra. By the end of the third program, 87 people with autism will have been engaged in various specialist roles across the agency.

Conclusion: The partnership between Services Australia and Specialisterne Australia in the Aurora Program has proven to be a key factor in its success. By tailoring the selection process, offering diverse career opportunities, and enabling an inclusive work environment, Services Australia is paving the way for meaningful careers for individuals with autism. This case study highlights the program's achievements and its role in recruiting neurodivergent talent.

"Hael's Transformational Journey: The Aurora Program changed my life in ways I never imagined. It was not just a stepping stone; it was a complete game-changer for me. This program goes beyond traditional recruitment methods by giving us real-time opportunities to show what we're capable of. Instead of relying solely on interviews, the program assigns tasks that truly reveal our work styles and how well we fit into a team. It is a refreshing approach that allows us to showcase our skills and potential in a more meaningful way.
But the Aurora Program is about more than just finding a job. It is about building a supportive community. They understand our personal triggers and sensory limitations, creating an environment where we can grow not only professionally but also personally. It is like having a second family.
My team, half of whom also came through the Aurora Program, is a perfect example of the incredible sense of community and shared experiences that this program creates. We support and uplift each other every step of the way.
My success story is proof that the Aurora Program breaks down barriers and creates fulfilling careers for individuals with autism in the Australian Public Service. They genuinely believe in our potential and provide the tools and support we need to thrive.
I am forever grateful for the Aurora Program for giving me the chance to shine and for creating a pathway to a fulfilling career. It has transformed my life and opened doors I never thought possible. If you're looking for an inclusive opportunity that values your abilities, I highly recommend the Aurora Program."


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