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We assist organisations to build neuro-inclusive workplaces and recruitment practices. We can assist in identifying roles suitable for neurodivergent employees, to identify appropriate workplace training, supports and strategies, and consult on support for current neurodivergent employees and their managers.

D&I Advisory Services

Desktop Audit
To assist your hiring managers and People and Culture professionals identify roles suitable for neurodivergent employees, we run an engaging and interactive workshop and provide our recommendations in a high-level report.

Neurodiversity Workplace Assessments
Assessment of neurodivergent employee and workplace needs.
To identify appropriate workplace training, supports and strategies to assist with understanding and managing neurodiversity differences and expectations within the workplace.

Neurodiversity Assistance Coaching
Confidential coaching with a neurodivergent employee or their manager.
Coaching is accessed anonymously from the person within the organisation (no manager approval required) and the individual can have 3 or 4 initial 1:1 coaching sessions (with the option to extend) to work on any area of need related to neurodiversity in the workplace.

Workplace Coaching and Consultancy

​Case Management consultancy allows our specialist Neurodiversity Coaches to utilise their expertise to support businesses to troubleshoot a current challenge. Following a consultancy session with key staff or workplace assessment, we advise businesses on strategies and approaches to work through the challenge. As this work is variable to the needs identified. Recommended activities and actions will be communicated following the results of the workplace assessment. 

Specialist Advisory Services 
Review of current processes, resources, or policies in relation to neuro-inclusivity. 
To identify areas of improvement and provide recommendations to implement more inclusive policies, processes and resources to improve the success of attracting and retaining a neurodivergent workforce.

Neurodiversity Confident Employer
Enhance understanding, challenge misconceptions, and build organisational capacity to create inclusive hiring and management practices.

The Neurodiversity Confident Employer Pack includes:
1 - General Neurodiversity Awareness Training
2 - Autism and ADHD at Work, Training for Managers and Team Leaders
3 - Autism and ADHD at Work, Workshop for HR, DEI, People and Culture
4 - You Can Ask That
5 - Designing Neurodiverse Inclusive Recruitment Processes
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