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The New South Wales Public Service Commission (NSW PSC) worked with Specialisterne on a Tailored Talent Program to attract the skills, talents and abilities of prospective jobseekers on the autism spectrum, who could contribute to a number of employment opportunities across several New South Wales Government agencies.

The NSW Government is a proud employer of a diverse range of people. It is committed to reflecting the diverse community it serves and creating an inclusive workplace for all people, where everyone feels valued.

Program nominated for NSW Premier’s award

The NSW PSC values the mutual benefits to both the incoming candidates sourced through the NSW PSC Tailored Talent Program and the valuable skills and abilities people on the autism spectrum can offer.

Specialisterne worked with various New South Wales Government agencies to source suitably skilled and motivated candidates to fill a number of roles predominantly across the IT sector but also within the STEM, Project Management and Finance space.


Agencies included NSW Police, Greater Sydney Commission, Transport NSW, Sydney Trains and NSW Department of Customer Service.

Out of 19 autistic jobseekers assessed, 14 have been placed to date.

The NSW PSC Tailored Talent program was nominated for the prestigious NSW Premier Award in 2020. 

Every individual brings their own range of skills and perspectives to the workplace

“The support and enthusiasm of Nick, Brett and Natalie from Specialisterne has been fantastic. I knew nothing about autism or being on the spectrum prior to engaging in this program. To think these talented individuals were being overlooked for positions due to standard selection processes is criminal. I appreciate being educated and made aware…”

Manager Services Australia

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