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Autism & Neurodiversity in the workplace for managers, buddies, mentors, colleagues, EAP, HR and diversity.


Tailored manager/buddy training and coaching guide to mentoring neurodivergent employees in the workplace.

Guide for HR and D&I teams to engage & support autistic talent in the workforce.


All employees benefit from the support of others in the workplace, particularly in learning the workplace culture, navigating performance expectations and learning how teams communicate and collaborate.


Specialisterne understands that autistic or neurodivergent employees may learn, communicate and process information in different ways and may experience barriers in the workplace. As such, Specialisterne takes a holistic approach to Workplace Supports and works in partnership with both the employee and employer to create productive and inclusive work environments.


Workplace support is one of the most frequently requested and easily implemented accommodations to make available to neurodivergent employees and their managers.

Ongoing Business Enablement & Support (OBES) - delivered for periods of three months and ongoing as necessary.


1:1 mentoring and coaching to either the manager, employ or both. Sessions are delivered by an experienced neurodiversity coach from Specialisterne. 


The structure and frequency of sessions is to be determined. Typically we see support is required across -

  • Identification, and understanding to provide strategies to address social, communication and executive functioning challenges experienced in the workplace

  • We provide strategies to ensure a successful integration in the workplace

  • We identify support needs and accommodation requirements for the employee to thrive in the workplace (both at home and in the workplace).

Neurodiversity Confident Employer
Enhance understanding, challenge misconceptions, and build organisational capacity to create inclusive hiring and management practices.

The Neurodiversity Confident Employer Pack includes:
1 - General Neurodiversity Awareness Training
2 - Autism and ADHD at Work, Training for Managers and Team Leaders
3 - Autism and ADHD at Work, Workshop for HR, DEI, People and Culture
4 - You Can Ask That
5 - Designing Neurodiverse Inclusive Recruitment Processes
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