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APS4 Law Interpretation Officer - Multiple Locations

Please note: Whilst these jobs are listed as remote, employees will be required to work in the office at one of the locations listed below.

Specialisterne Australia offers a pathway for neurodiverse individuals to connect with employers who recognise the valuable contributions and talents that they can bring to their organisation. We offer a workshop and assessment program whereby applicants can demonstrate in a practical, and patient way their skills and abilities, directly to employers.

We are excited to be working with a Federal Government partner on their Opening Doors Neurodiverse Program to attract the skills and abilities of neurodiverse people to their organisation. The program aims to build a more diverse workforce accessing new talent pools and recruiting people from diverse backgrounds. The program allows participants to develop their workplace technical and corporate skills in a supportive team environment. Our partner recognises diversity is one of the greatest assets staff bring to the workplace. By embracing individual differences our Federal Government partner supports everyone to realise their full potential in an inclusive and culturally safe work environment.

The Opening Doors Neurodiverse Program is a 12-month temporary employment

opportunity. The program has a unique structure providing participants with a

Career Development Manager to guide and support capability development and a

business manager supporting development of on-the-job technical knowledge

and skills. Participants will be actively supported and encouraged to apply for a

permanent position in future recruitment processes.

The Federal Government partner values the mutual benefits to both the incoming

candidates sourced through Specialisterne and the valuable skills and abilities

neurodiverse people can offer in their critical services.

Location of roles:

The job roles are located in various locations, Adelaide, Albury, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne CBD, Newcastle, Paramatta, Penrith, Perth or Townsville. Applicants should live within a commutable distance to any of these locations. Applicants outside of these locations but are prepared to relocate for employment through this opportunity are encouraged to apply. If you are applying from outside of these locations and would require relocating, please consider the various factors associated with relocating and Government relocation incentives. Note: there are COVID-19 social distancing restrictions in common workplaces in these locations.

Job Description

The APS4 Law Interpretation Officer provides sound technical advice and contributes to technical excellence by assisting and guiding others to provide high quality advice to internal and external stakeholders, interacting directly with clients. They contribute to the application and dissemination of the agency's established view of the law and contribute to the agency's ability to apply the law. They may be involved in analysing information, facts and evidence, in undertaking reviews and updating information on the agency's systems.

Work Level Standard

An APS4 works under general direction and is accountable for undertaking a range of moderately complex procedural, operational and administrative tasks and activities, largely governed by established procedures and policies. This may include research and analysis activities.

The APS4 will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the requirements of the position, as well as the legislative, regulatory and compliance frameworks that underpin its tasks and activities. They may exercise some discretion with respect to how legislation, precedents, procedures and guidelines are interpreted and applied.

The APS4 is accountable for making decisions within defined parameters relating to the area of responsibility, and on more complex issues under the guidance of a more senior employee.

The APS4 is accountable for organising their own workflow and delivering results in accordance with their work area and team plans. They may be responsible for coaching and providing training for the newer and less experienced members of a work team.

The APS4 will be required to communicate with and provide advice to a range

of stakeholders.

Duty Statement

  1. Assist more experienced staff on cases with a higher level of complexity, providing advice and guidance to clients on moderately complex matters

  2. Resolve recurring tax technical issues by interpreting taxation legislation and principles, rulings, policy guidelines and procedures

  3. Liaise with stakeholders to provide technical advice in relation to moderately complex issues, where the quality of advice is monitored by supervisors and other experts in the field

  4. Collaborate with others to exchange information, discuss technical or administrative issues and resolve moderately complex issues

  5. Research and analyse specific tax information to identify relationships between factors, verify facts and issues of cases, draw accurate conclusions, and present findings and recommendations to inform decision making

  6. Assist with the identification of risks and uncertainties with the application of the law of the agency's view, and employ appropriate risk mitigation strategies

Applicant eligibility requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Must have a diagnosis of autism (includes Autism Spectrum Disorder; Asperger’s Syndrome; Autistic Disorder or PDD-NOS) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (includes ADD)

  • Must have proof of Australian Citizenship and agree to the Federal Government’s background checks

  • All candidates must be able to undergo a police check, and some will require a government clearance.

  • Must be able to participate in the Specialisterne Workshop and Assessment Centre process

What you should have (or ability to acquire quickly)

  • Use law interpretation skills to elicit the established legislation, policies, practices and precedents

  • Consider tax technical decision making when researching and analysing the law, critically think about what is technically correct.

  • Write meeting minutes that capture the key take-aways and action items of the meeting

  • Apply tailored communications when interacting with a client or their representative by taking their circumstances into account and checking they understand the decision.

What is nice to have

  • Collaborate with others to host meetings with your team and/stakeholders.

  • Ability to negotiate with your team or stakeholders.

  • Clear and concise writing that is easy to follow in a format that is accessible to all.

  • After consulting with your team leader or quality control officer, undertake consultation with internal stakeholders (e.g. Case Leadership or Tax Council Network) to support determining actions and/or decisions.

  • Ensure quality management by practicing your presentation and seeking feedback prior to presenting to the group.

  • Confidently present a clear and tailored presentation.

  • Actively listen to questions, feedback, and input from technical experts, your peers, and management.

  • Apply time management skills to allow enough time for the agenda items

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