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APS5 Data Scientist - Multiple Locations

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Please note: Whilst these jobs are listed as remote, employees will be required to work in the office at one of the locations listed below.

Specialisterne Australia offers a pathway for neurodiverse individuals to connect with employers who recognise the valuable contributions and talents that they can bring to their organisation. We offer a workshop and assessment program whereby applicants can demonstrate in a practical, and patient way their skills and abilities, directly to employers.

We are excited to be working with a Federal Government partner on their Opening Doors Neurodiverse Program to attract the skills and abilities of neurodiverse people to their organisation. The program aims to build a more diverse workforce accessing new talent pools and recruiting people from diverse backgrounds. The program allows participants to develop their workplace technical and corporate skills in a supportive team environment. Our partner recognises diversity is one of the greatest assets staff bring to the workplace. By embracing individual differences our Federal Government partner supports everyone to realise their full potential in an inclusive and culturally safe work environment.

The Opening Doors Neurodiverse Program is a 12-month temporary employment

opportunity. The program has a unique structure providing participants with a

Career Development Manager to guide and support capability development and a

business manager supporting development of on-the-job technical knowledge

and skills. Participants will be actively supported and encouraged to apply for a

permanent position in future recruitment processes.

The Federal Government partner values the mutual benefits to both the incoming

candidates sourced through Specialisterne and the valuable skills and abilities

neurodiverse people can offer in their critical services.

Location of roles:

The job roles are located in various locations, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne CBD, Newcastle, Parramatta or Perth. Applicants should live within a commutable distance to any of these locations. Applicants outside of these locations but are prepared to relocate for employment through this opportunity are encouraged to apply. If you are applying from outside of these locations and would require relocating, please consider the various factors associated with relocating and Government relocation incentives. Note: there are COVID-19 social distancing restrictions in common workplaces in these locations.

Job Description

The APS5 Data Scientist produces outputs from datasets using sound

knowledge of data mining and modelling techniques, programming skills and

business knowledge (provided by domain experts). They clean, transform and

combine datasets; using various statistical, machine- learning and related

methods to discover patterns and trends in data and to develop classification

and prediction models; and producing visualisations to communicate findings

to business stakeholders. They use a variety of tools and languages and

technical knowledge to analyse and interpret data and results.

As an APS 5 Data Scientist, you will:

  • analyse high volumes of unstructured and structured data and apply data science techniques to extract valuable insights.

  • conduct and develop specialised analytical solutions by relying on various statistical, machine learning, and computational methods.

  • liaise with stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement and assist in the data-driven development of products while adhering to legislative, regulatory and compliance frameworks.

  • share your knowledge and experience to build team capability, and will contribute to innovation initiatives.

Work Level Standard

An APS5 works under limited direction and is accountable for undertaking a

range of moderately complex to complex procedural, operational and

administrative activities. They may be required to conduct investigations,

undertake specialist or technical research and analysis activities, or provide

professional advice within an area of specialisation based on policy and


The APS5 will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the requirements of

the position, as well as the legislative, regulatory and compliance frameworks

that underpin its activities. They are accountable for organising their own

workflow and making independent decisions relating to their work area and

team plans.

The APS5 may be a team coach or lead a small operational team and is

expected to be capable of reviewing the quality of work undertaken by others

within a work group. They may be required to supervise the work of lower

level employees, manage performance, allocate work and identify

opportunities for on-the-job training.

The APS5 will be accountable for communicating with and providing advice to

a wide range of stakeholders regarding more complex enquiries.

Duty Statement

  1. Extract, transform and load data from various sources into required formats for exploratory data to guide the collection of new data or design future analysis to deliver on business outcomes

  2. Assist in the development of analytical solutions, using computational methods to discover patterns, trends and relationships in data and to develop classification, prediction and optimisation models for continued analysis

  3. Undertake testing and evaluate the performance of mining and modelling solutions

  4. Liaise with stakeholders to convert data analysis needs into business requirements, provide analytical solutions and assist in data-driven development of products

  5. Provide reports and visualisations that communicate clearly, concisely and cogently in a non-technical manner to stakeholders the analytical tasks that were carried out and the results obtained

  6. Assist in deploying approved analytical solutions into production and provide support and maintenance for the deployed solutions, including periodic evaluations of performance

Applicant eligibility requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Must have a diagnosis of autism (includes Autism Spectrum Disorder; Asperger’s Syndrome; Autistic Disorder or PDD-NOS) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (includes ADD)

  • Must have proof of Australian Citizenship and agree to the Federal Government’s background checks

  • All candidates must be able to undergo a police check, and some will require a government clearance.

  • Must be able to participate in the Specialisterne Workshop and Assessment Centre process

What you should have

  • Ability to work with data and analytical modelling tools

  • Ability to think critically

  • Work well in a team environment

  • Attention to detail

  • Work collaboratively and maintains productive working relationships with colleagues and clients.

Have technical experience in one or more of the following;

  • artificial intelligence

  • machine learning

  • graph analytics

  • natural language processing

  • computer vision

  • data visualisation

  • statistical modelling

What is nice to have

  • Qualifications in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics or related discipline.

  • Experience / skills in programming languages, such as R and Python

  • Experience / skills in data science toolkits, such as tidyverse, data.table, TensorFlow and PyTorch.

Apply Here:


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