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Aurora Neurodiversity Program 2023: APS6 Workforce Planner Canberra, ACT

Specialisterne Australia offers an alternative pathway for people on the autism spectrum to connect with employers who recognise and value the contributions and talents that individuals on the spectrum can bring to their organisations. We are excited to partner with Services Australia in their Aurora Neurodiversity Program,, for Workforce Planners from within our community of talented autistic candidates.

About Services Australia

We touch the lives of almost every Australian and we are here to help people meet life’s challenges. Services Australia is responsible for the delivery of advice and high quality, accessible social, health and child support services and payments. We continually build on our foundation of service excellence to shape how government services are delivered to the Australian community. Our task is to modernise the way we work to deliver simple, helpful, respectful and transparent services every time. We offer work that improves the lives of Australians, great working conditions, workplace diversity and inclusion that reflects the community we serve and flexible work practises for work and family life balance.

Aurora offers:

  • An inclusive recruitment process that allows candidates to demonstrate their skills and capacity in a format that removes barriers from traditional recruitment processes

  • 18-month employment contract with a competitive salary

  • Learning and development – including on-the-job and formal training/qualification

  • Ongoing support and coaching throughout the program from an experienced neurodiversity specialist provider

  • A dedicated agency relationship manager.

About the role

APS6 Workforce Planner

APS6 Workforce Planner - forecasting/modelling specialist

About the team – Workforce Planning Team

The Workforce Planning team are looking for motivated and forward-thinking people to join our collaborative and solutions focused team! The primary focus of our team is to ensure that Services Australia has the right people with the right skills in the right place now and into the future.

Our research and modelling drives us to better understand the current workforce, industry labour trends and practices, and internal and external drivers of change. From this, we partner with a range of stakeholders to co-design and develop strategies to support a capable, engaged and agile workforce.

The focus of our team over the coming months is to:

  • deliver the 2023-27 Strategic Workforce Plan aligned to the People Strategy

  • build workforce planning capability and capacity across the agency

  • work in partnership with HR Business Partners to deliver for Executive

  • use data and workforce planning tools to develop workforce forecasts and models

  • research and develop leading workforce management strategies, and measure success through ongoing monitoring and reporting activities.


The roles are full-time, non-ongoing/ongoing, non-ongoing contracts for up to 18 months.

Location of role

These roles are located in Canberra, ACT

Aurora Neurodiversity Program 2023

APS6 Workforce Planner | Canberra, ACT

Please Note: All applications must go through Specialisterne Australia. Our partner employers do not handle applications directly for these opportunities.

What you will do

Workforce Planners work within a multi-disciplinary team providing high quality delivery and improvement of a range of workforce planning activities including but not limited to:

  • workforce planning including design and implementation of workforce plans

  • analysis of workforce

  • organisational design

  • job design and building tools and strategies.

Data manipulation, analysis and use of HR information systems is an integral part of the role.

As a Workforce Planner and forecasting/modelling specialist your duties may include some or all the following:

  • build and maintain positive relationships with key internal and external stakeholders relevant to workforce planning

  • under the limited guidance of the senior staff, engage with stakeholders to: o share knowledge, information and build workforce planning and organisational design awareness o support local workforce planning and organisational design activities through training and the provision of tactical advice

  • conduct environmental scans and labour market research

  • analyse workforce data and contribute to the identification of targeted strategies to address workforce issues

  • contribute to the development of workforce planning tools, templates and guides

  • undertake job analysis and design functions to support workforce planning activities and review organisational structures to improve business outcomes

  • draft submissions and papers for senior staff and the Executive

  • undertake ad-hoc projects.

What you should have

These things are important to have:

  • display sound critical thinking and problem solving skills, is analytically agile and forms recommendations based on evidence and sound judgement

  • work proactively and act collaboratively to deliver high quality workforce information and data

  • prepare and analyse complex workforce data, including the identification of trends, in order to derive effective strategies for the agency

  • operate as an effective representative of the team in public and internal forums.

  • develops and maintains useful networks

  • communicate and convey messages, verbal and written, in a way that is appropriate and readily understood by the intended audience

  • flexibly adjust to changing work demands and circumstances and is receptive to new concepts

  • computer literacy coupled with experience in data analysis and the use of associated software and tools

  • governance and parliamentary processes.

What is nice to have: These things are not essential, but if you have them that’s great:

  • Love problem solving

  • Enjoy performing research and analysis activities

  • Can communicate and convey key messages, verbal and written

  • Can work as part of a team

  • Can work in a changing environment

What you must have To apply for these roles, these things are essential:

  • Must be 18 years of age or over

  • Must have a diagnosis of autism (including Autism spectrum disorder, Asperger's disorder, Autistic disorder, or PDD-NOS). ‘Specialisterne may be required to provide evidence of your diagnosis to Services Australia to confirm your eligibility for the program.’

  • Must have proof of Australian Citizenship and agree to background checks

  • Must be able to obtain a Baseline security clearance

  • Must live (or be willing to relocate to) a daily commutable distance to Canberra.

Application process:

Step 1

Before you can apply for jobs through Specialisterne Australia, you must first register with us as an eligible candidate using the form on this page. You only need to do this once, existing candidates already registered using this form can proceed to login at the candidate portal. To commence the registration process, please make sure you have the required documents stated below:

  1. Evidence of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis. Evidence could be a Diagnostic Assessment or a letter from a treating medical practitioner.

  2. Proof of Australian Citizenship. Accepted documents are one of the following:

  • Australian Birth Certificate

  • Current Australian Passport

  • Certificate of Australian Citizenship

Step 2


Upload your documents using the form provided on this page below. A member of our team will check your eligibility and you will then be sent a link to complete an online registration form with Specialisterne Australia. After you have completed your registration form, you will be sent a link to the candidate portal to upload supporting documents and apply for our jobs.


If you have already registered as an eligible candidate with Specialisterne Australia using the form below and have an account, you can login to your account in the candidate portal to apply for the jobs or opportunities you are most interested in. A link to the candidate portal is contained in the form provided on this page below.

Step 3

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in activities and assessments delivered by Specialisterne and Services Australia to determine their suitability for the various opportunities. Talk to us if you need some flexibility to participate in these, particularly if you cannot attend because of work or study commitments.

Step 4

At the conclusion of the activities, successful candidates will be offered employment. If you are unsuccessful, you may be considered for other Specialisterne opportunities.

Activities will be delivered in-person and online in a virtual assessment centre environment and therefore candidates are expected to have use of their own computer with a webcam and microphone and have access to the internet.

About Specialisterne Australia

Specialisterne Australia exists because autistic candidates are being overlooked for employment, largely due to the many barriers that autistic candidates come up against when competing for employment in typical recruitment practices.

Specialisterne has created an end-to-end recruitment and employee support framework that removes those typically found barriers, and replaces them with practical, demonstrative assessments and activities whereby candidates, over a patient process, have the opportunity to:

  • better understand the requirements of the roles they are competing for to assess if they are the right opportunities for them

  • meet team members and managers throughout the process

  • connect with others who have previously gained employment via this program

  • demonstrate through practical assessments and activities their motivation and suitability for the available roles over a patient process

  • ‘show’ what they can do (not just tell someone what you can do)

At Specialisterne Australia our values are Respect, Clarity, Accommodation, and Accessibility. We keep these in mind in all that we do. We work with our partner employers to promote and sustain a diverse and inclusive workforce.

To support you further throughout your journey, we provide a mentor and buddy, and we work with you to tailor an individual plan to accommodate your needs in the workplace, also providing a period of support for both you and your future employer, ensuring a successful transition into your new role.

More information:

We look forward to receiving your applications.

Aurora Neurodiversity Program

A pathway for people with autism to start their career in the Australian Public Service (APS) with opportunities in Services Australia.

The Aurora Neurodiversity Program (the Program) recognises the unique skills and talents people who are neurodivergent can bring to work. The Program seeks to improve career outcomes and offers professional development and work experience by providing a gateway to the APS.


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